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2014 ATADA Appraisals and Valuations Page

ATADA members listed on the following pages offer a variety of appraisal and valuation services. It is ATADA's intent to provide a basic understanding of what appraisal and valuation services are and what is available to those with tribal art objects who are in need of such services.

Preliminarily, it is necessary to consider the purpose for which you need tribal art appraisal help. An insurance appraisal is not the same as an appraisal for a donation of a tribal piece of significant value to an art museum or other charitable organization. Estate appraisals and collection division are other important areas. And some who visit the ATADA Appraisal and Valuation site want to sell objects and need values that they could expect to realize for their objects. Those looking at this page for guidance or help should be prepared to talk about how the appraisal will be utilized and what they know about the object or objects. The services can then be provided to meet specific needs.

Appraising tribal art is a specialized task. There is no substitute for experience that comes with years of studying, collecting and dealing in these objects. No two pieces are exactly alike. There are many questions that a qualified appraiser will need to consider. These may include identification, tribal attribution, authenticity, condition, restoration, age, provenance, desirability and others. Awareness of sales of comparable objects at public auction or privately and similar pieces held in museum collections is also important.

Although there are a number of types of appraisals the one that best fits tribal art and is generally used by the IRS when considering personal property, including antique type objects is a “fair market value appraisal”. This is usually defined as the price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller for the object, neither being compelled to buy or sell and both being reasonably knowledgeable regarding the object. That definition would apply to a donation appraisal or estate appraisal and is what most people want in an insurance appraisal. When you insure your home or your silverware you may want a replacement value which is usually higher, and therefore more costly insurance premiums. In tribal art an item lost cannot be replaced with a duplicate so paying a higher premium does not make much sense. That, however is a personal call. If you are not clear on the type of appraisal you need, a qualified appraiser will assist you.

When an insurance appraisal is needed it is essential for the insured to determine the insurance companies’ requirements and communicate those to the appraiser. In general, valuations of personal property for insurance purposes, made in advance of any loss, need meet less rigid requirements than those identified by the IRS for large donation deduction.

If you are thinking about selling a tribal art object or a collection, or if you need values to fairly divide a collection in a family or an estate you may not need a formal appraisal at all. Under those circumstances a valuation of your objects will suffice.

Appraisals for charitable donations of objects or a group of similar objects with a total value over $5,000.00 require special considerations. This is no doubt a result of abuses that have taken place in valuing charitable donations. As a result "qualified appraisers" and "qualified appraisals" are now mandatory for large donation appraisals. These terms, "qualified appraiser" and "qualified appraisal" are defined in the regulations and must be followed. The specific requirements for these designations can be found in Determining the Value of Donated Property, published by the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, April 2007, and identified as Publication 561. Because generally accepted standards by USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) include types of appraisals and evaluations, fair market values, as compared to replacement costs, charitable donation standards, etc., it is suggested that all appraisers familiarize themselves with USPAP standards.

We have not attempted to summarize Publication 561. Because of the complexities associated with donation appraisals, it does not lend itself to a meaningful summary. However it has been linked to this site, so those who are not familiar with it, who appraise for large donation purposes, have easy access to it and should consider it required reading.

* * * * *

We present here the list of ATADA Full Members who perform appraisal and valuation services along with their contact information, appraisal qualifications, their areas of specialization, and services provided. ATADA confirms that each entity represented on the list qualifies as a Full Member of ATADA. Each member is responsible for the details of his/her credentials published here. ATADA takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any statement made on this page. If in doubt, consult a qualified Attorney-at-Law.

If you are an ATADA Full Member and wish to be listed here, please send an email to and include three pieces of text: Credentials, appraisal specialties, and appraisal services (the many examples below serve as examples of what you may wish to say in your listing). Your listing will be posted ASAP.

Steve, Diana and Deborah Begner PO Box 2049
(480) 423-8777 Evergreen, CO
Credentials: Over 20 years of experience dealing in and appraising antique American Indian art and jewelry. A regular participant in appraisal days for museums, including the Heard Museum. A featured lecturer at the NAJA conference in Tucson in 2014.
Areas of Specialization: Antique American Indian art, with an emphasis on Southwestern jewelry, textiles and basketry and Eastern Woodlands beadwork.
Services: Appraisals (for insurance or estate purposes) of individual pieces and collections of antique American Indian art and jewelry.

George Brown PO Box 363 Station Q
(416) 964-9134 Toronto, Canada
Credentials: Collector of , and dealer in , antique tribal art and reference books for 25 years. BA Economics ; twenty years working experience as economist.
Areas of Specialization: Antique American Indian objects of the Eastern Woodlands , Great Lakes , Northwest Coast and Subarctic . Reference books , including out of print and rare , pertaining to historic native American art , ethnology , and the historic material culture of tribal peoples of Africa and Oceania.
Services: Research and appraisals of historic native American objects and reference books.

Marcy Burns Schillay 520 East 72nd Street, Ste 2C
(212) 439-9257 New York, NY
Credentials: Thirty years of selling and appraising antique American Indian art and jewelry and vintage jewelry from Taxco, Mexico. In addition, Marcy volunteered for 15 years at the University of Pennsylvania Museum, helping inventory their very extensive antique American Indian collection, which exposed her to early and rare material. As a leading dealer in her areas of specialization, Marcy is very familiar with current market conditions and values.
Areas of Specialization: Antique American Indian basketry, especially from the Southwest, California, Plateau, and Northwest. Historic Pueblo and Hopi pottery. Navajo and Pueblo textiles including Classic blankets, Germantown and Transitional textiles and early Regional textiles. Navajo, Pueblo and Hopi jewelry from the 19th century through 1950s. Vintage Taxco jewelry, especially focusing the major jewelers in Taxco from the 1930s until the late 1970s.
Services: Appraisals for Insurance purposes only. Research and collection advisory services are available.

John A Buxton 6717 Spring Valley Road
(972) 239-9943 Dallas, TX
Credentials: ISA CAPP, International Society of Appraisers Certified Appraiser of Personal Property, completed and passed USPAP re-qualifications 2008 – 2013.
Areas of Specialization: Tribal art: African, Pre-Columbian, Oceanic & Native American

Corinne Cain 326 West Harmont Drive
(602) 906-1633 Phoenix, AZ
Credentials: ASA Accredited Senior Appraiser Designated by the American Society of Appraisers in two disciplines - Fine Arts as well as Native American Arts (newly morphed to American Indian Art).
Areas of Specialization: Fine Arts as well as Native American Arts (newly morphed to American Indian Art a month ago)

Lane Coulter and Jan Brooks 924 Paseo de Peralta
(505) 983-3232 Santa Fe, NM
Credentials: We have more than 25 years experience teaching silversmithing at the college level, writing and appraising these subjects.
Areas of Specialization: Native American jewelry, Textiles, New Mexican furniture,Santos ,weavings.

Jed Foutz 53 Old Santa Fe Trail, Upstairs on the Plaza
(505) 982-8478 Santa Fe, NM
Credentials: As a Fifth Generation Trading Post Owner, Jed Foutz has been dealing in Antique and Contemporary Native American art for more than three decades. Having grown up on the reservation Mr. Foutz has had unique access to Native cultures and was at one time the largest wholesaler of contemporary Navajo textiles and art. His current gallery Shiprock Santa Fe handles a wide variety of material from the cultures of the Southwest and has been offering appraisal services since its inception.
Areas of Specialization: Antique Navajo & Pueblo jewelry and silver, Navajo textiles, historic Pueblo pottery, Native American fine art, Southwest and California basketry, Mid-Century Modern furniture, New Mexican furniture, and Hopi Kachina dolls.
Services: We offer free verbal appraisals and authentication in the gallery (by appointment is preferred.) Written appraisals for fair market value, museum donations, or insurance purposes are available at an hourly fee.

Gregory Ghent and Scott McCue 7 Avenida Vista Grande
Santa Fe, NM
Credentials: Passed the Uniform Code of Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice examination as required by the Federal Appraisal Foundation, Washington, D.C. and administered by the American Society of Appraisers and the International Society of Appraiser. He has continuously produced professional reports for insurance, tax deductible donations, estates, claims arbitration, and division of property settlements. Values at times in the millions of dollars. He is an associate and advisor to several general personal property appraisers nationwide. He has completed countless appraisals of major gifts of art to public institutions, all accepted by the Art Advisory Panel of the IRS. Uniquely qualified, Mr. Ghent is a nationally recognized expert in the Art of Africa, Oceania, and The Americas, as well as Modern and Contemporary Art.
Areas of Specialization: Pre-Columbian, Tribal, Modern and Contemporary Art. On-site inspection, photography, research and analysis, certified report.

Irwin and Marjorie Goodman PO Box 4093
(973) 694-1612 Wayne, NJ
Credentials: We have been collectors and dealers for over thirty years. Our qualifications are that we have researched and studied the fields of Native American textiles, pottery, beadwork and Northwest Coast objects.
Areas of Specialization: Native American textiles, pottery, beadwork and Northwest Coast objects.
Services: Appraisals for Insurance purposes only. Research and collection available.

H. Malcolm Grimmer 316 Paseo de Peralta
(505) 982-8669 Santa Fe, NM
Credentials: H. Malcolm Grimmer qualifies for Category #1 Dealer Appraisers, IRS. He meets the requirements listed in the Instructions for Form 8283 - Noncash Charitable Contributions.
Areas of Specialization: All types of American Indian Art, with a specialization in Plains material

Cynthia J. Hale 7122 S. Sheridan, Ste. 2 #474
(855) NAAAINC (622-2462) Tulsa, OK
Credentials: IRS Qualified Appraiser, Accredited Member (AM) International Society of Appraisers (ISA) since 2000, requalified 2005 and 2010, valid through 2015; Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) tested 2007, requalified 2014, valid through 2016; former museum curator; family business since 1936.
Areas of Specialization: Historic and contemporary artifacts, baskets, beadwork, bultos, ephemera, jewelry, katsinas, paintings, photographs, pottery, prints, retablos, santos, sculptures, and textiles; with expertise in Cowboy, Catlin, Curtis, Remington, Russell, f/64, Kiowa Five, Los Cinco Pintores, Prairie Print Makers, Regional, Dorthy Dunn and Rio Grande Schools, Taos Society Artists, and other fine western and southwestern artists.
Services: Written Appraisal Reports for Assets, Baseline, Donation (IRS), Divorce, Estate (IRS), Insurance, Liquidation, Litigation, and Tax (IRS) purposes; Oral Restricted Reports for Public Valuation Fairs, Estate Sales, Resale, and General Information.

Scott W. Hale 1000 Cordova Pl. #345
(855) NAAAINC (622-2462) Santa Fe, NM
Credentials: IRS Qualified Appraiser, Accredited Member (AM) International Society of Appraisers (ISA) since 2003, requalified 2008 and 2013, valid through 2018; Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) tested 2008, requalified 2014, valid through 2016; former academic and curator; family business since 1936.
Areas of Specialization: Specializing in artifacts, antiques, baskets, beadwork, bultos, carvings, ephemera, ex-votos, jewelry, kachinas / katsinas, paintings, photographs, pottery, prints, retablos, santos, sculptures, and textiles; with emphasis in Bacone School, Bierstadt, Borein, Cameron, Catlin, Cowboy, Curtis, Delano, Dixon, Dunn Studio, FSA, f/64, Huffman, IAIA, Indian Agency, Jackson, Kiowa Five, Leigh, Los Cinco Pintores, Moon, Moran, O’Sullivan, Prairie Print Makers, Pueblo, Railroad, Rio Grande, Reed, Regionalism, Remington, Russell, Santa Fe Art Colony, Spanish Colonial, Taos Society Artists, Watkins, Wittick, WPA, Vroman, and other fine American, Indian, Latin, Southwestern, and Western art and artists.
Services: Written Appraisal Reports for Assets, Baseline, Donation (IRS), Divorce, Estate (IRS), Insurance, Liquidation, Litigation, and Tax (IRS) purposes; Oral Restricted Reports for Public Valuation Fairs, Estate Sales, Resale, and General Information.

Eleanor Tulman Hancock 202 Riverside Drive
(212) 866-5267 New York City, NY
Credentials: Member of the Appraisers Association of America.
Areas of Specialization: Antique North American Indian pottery, basketry, jewelry, textiles, beadwork, Kachinas, art of the Northwest Coast and Inuit. Member of the Appraisers Association of America. By appointment only.

Jim Hart and Loretta Carbonaro 300 S Lenola Rd #PMB 188
(856) 663-1466 Maple Shade, NJ
Credentials: Loretta Carbonaro has been a principal in Acquisition Inc, for more than twenty years. She is a former member of the International Society of Appraisers.and is IRS qualified. Her areas of specialty include all areas of Native American art as well as antique firearms and edged weapons. She is also qualified in Oceanic and African art including the weapons from these cultures.
Areas of Specialization: Antique American Indian, Oceanic, African, Inuit and Northwest Coast art, specializing in weapons from each culture.

Carol and Allan Hayes 3001 Bridgeway Blvd K167
(415) 332-3489 Sausalito, CA
Credentials: Dealers in and lecturers on Southwestern pottery since 1995; authors of Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni (1996), Collections of Southwestern Pottery (1998), The Desert Southwest, Four Thousand Years of Life and Art (2006) and Pottery of the Southwest (2012).
Areas of Specialization: Southwestern American Indian pottery. By appointment only.
Services: Evaluations of Southwestern pottery collections and single pottery items for fair market value and insurance purposes.

John C. Hill 6962 East 1st Avenue
(480) 946-2910 Scottsdale, AZ
Credentials: In the business and active since the early 1970's. Charter member of ATADA. Scottsdale American Indian Art Association, several "Best of Phoenix" awards, and recommended by Frommer's and the Heard Museum and others.
Areas of Specialization: Antique Hopi and Zuni Kachinas, Navajo Weaving, early Jewelry, Baskets and Historic Pottery.
Services: Concise, accurate and simple evaluations for fair market and insurance values. No estate or IRS appraisals.

Charles Jones 311 Judges Road Unit 6 E
(910) 794-3060 Wilmington, NC
Credentials: Associate Maura Kropke is an Accredited Member, International Society of Appraisers (ISA AM). Maura Kropke has ten years appraisal experience, an AB in Anthropology and fifteen years experience in the tribal art field.
Areas of Specialization: African Art
Services: Appraisals for donation meeting all IRS requirements, estate appraisals and insurance valuations. Valuations for informed buying and selling, including auction houses. Expert witness.

Michael D. Kokin 128 West Palace Ave
(505) 988-1776 Santa Fe, NM
Credentials: Michael D. Kokin has been collecting and dealing in art, artifacts and historical weapons for more than 50 years. Highly sought-after for his knowledge surrounding Native American artifacts, he conducts appraisals for collectors of American Indian art and antique firearms for insurance purposes.
Areas of Specialization: Northern Plains clothing, weapons, tools; collectible firearms; general Americana.

Natalie Linn and Elaine Tucker 4125 SW 53rd. Ave., Portland, OR 97221 USA
(503) 292-1711 ,
Credentials: Natalie Linn has been in Native American basketry and bags since 1973. She is a basket appraiser for the Antiques Roadshow but doesn't do IRS appraisals. She has lectured extensively at museums and universities, has taught senior seminars in art appreciation at universities, has advised and produced basket exhibits at leading national museums, and has authored a number of publications. Her masters thesis is on the art and history of Native American basketry.
Areas of Specialization: Native American baskets and Plateau bags--corn husk and beaded bags.
Services: Concise, accurate attributions and evaluations for fair market and insurance values. No appraisals for IRS purposes

Michael J. McKissick 3636 Dickason
(214) 821-4606 Dallas, TX
Credentials: A dealer in Ethnographic, specifically Native American material culture items, since 1969. 40 plus years dealing in Native American jewelry, weaving ,ceramics, Katsina's, beaded items and paintings. Experience in identification of most types of Tribal Arts. Charter Member of the Antique Tribal Arts Dealers Association. Participant in Indian Market shows in Santa Fe since 1978. Gallery owner on a continuous basis in the Dallas, Texas area since 1983
Areas of Specialization: New Mexican Religious Art. Santos and Bultos. New Mexican Weavings. Southwest Genre paintings

John Molloy 49 East 78th Street
(212) 249-3020 New York, NY
Credentials: John Molloy has been a leading dealer in antique Native American art for more than twenty-five years and during this time has owned galleries in Santa Fe and New York City where he is currently based. He is knowledgeable in all areas of this field except for stone artifacts. Since 2007, he has been the appraiser and consultant to Christie's, the international auction house, in Native American art. By virtue of this association, he is I.R.S. qualified. He also works in close association with Margaret C. Pearson who is an accredited member of the American Society of Appraisers and is qualified in all areas of collectible and decorative personal property. Through his association with Richard Soo Hoo, C.P.A., he is able to offer consultation services in estate planning in regards to Native American art.
Areas of Specialization: Antique Native American Art

Alston and Deborah Neal 7077 E. Main Street #7
(480) 945-5432 Scottsdale, AZ
Credentials: Alston and Deborah Neal are the owners of Old Territorial Shop, Inc. which has been in business since 1969. As the owners of this well respected Indian Arts business we have been judges at national Indian Arts events, do appraisals for Estates, insurance and by invitation at the Heard Museum. We buy and sell antique and contemporary Native American arts and crafts on a daily basis. We charge on an hourly or per item basis.
Areas of Specialization: Appraisals of Southwest Indian Arts including baskets, jewelry, textiles, pottery, Kachinas. The Neals are invited Appraisers at the semi-annual Heard Museum Appraisal Days and are entering their 40th year in the Indian Arts field with experience in antique baskets of the Southwest, Navajo Indian textiles, turquoise jewelry, Hopi Kachinas and Pueblo pottery. Professional appraisals for insurance and estate purposes.

Howard M. Nowes 303 East 81st Street
(212) 472-5171 New York, NY
Credentials: I am a member of the AAA here in NYC. I took the USPAP course at NYU and handle all types of appraisal reports from fair market value to IRS donations.
Areas of Specialization: Ancient Classical Archaeology, Pre Columbian and African Tribal art

Marsha Vargas Handley 140 Maiden Lane
(415) 392-9999 San Francisco, CA
Credentials: Marsha Vargas Handley, ASA - Senior Member, American Society of Appraisers in Asian Art. In compliance with all accreditation requirements of the American Society of Appraisers. Comprehensive appraisal services for over 30 years for insurance, charitable donations and probate/estate purposes in Asian art. Donation appraisals have been prepared for various museums including Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, Sackler, Washington, D.C., and the Chicago Art Institute.
Areas of Specialization: Chinese & Southeast Asian antiquities, ceramics and works of art; Japanese netsuke, inro and related items. Indian and Himalayan Works of Art.

Jeff Wood 305 North Coast Hwy. #D
Laguna Beach, CA
Credentials: Dealer in traditional antique and contemporary American Indian art since 1989.
Areas of Specialization: Navajo blankets and rugs--historic through today, antique basketry of the Western US, SW pueblo pottery historic through contemporary, antique to modern Navajo and Pueblo jewelry, Hopi kachinas, Zuni fetish carvings.
Services: Appraisals for insurance, archival and resale purposes. No appraisals for IRS purposes.