Native American Art and the Law: A Collector’s Guide

In 2010, The ATADA Foundation published a 32-page booklet entitled, Native American Art and the Law: A Collector’s Guide.

Written exclusively for ATADA by New Mexico attorney, author, and ATADA Member, Kate Fitz Gibbon.  Designed by Karen Riley.

The booklet contains the fundamental legal information needed by both sellers and collectors to navigate the maze of federal laws affecting Native American art and artifacts. It outlines the laws and penalties, and describes the range of materials that are legal to own and trade.

The booklet shares the historical and policy backgrounds on the laws and is written in a user-friendly, non-technical language.  It covers the history of collecting Native American art and artifacts in the United States and goes over the basic United States laws including ARPA and NAGPRA, both of which the trade and collecting of arrowheads, surface points, feathers, ceramics, and other materials.  It is illustrated with photographs of antique artworks from public and private sources.

Available to order: $10 (includes shipping/handling)