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 Ancestral Figure “Patong” Ngaju Dayak. Borneo Island, Indonesia. Hardwood. H: 68” (173 cm). 18th to 19th century

Ancestral Figure “Patong” Ngaju Dayak. Borneo Island, Indonesia. Hardwood. H: 68” (173 cm). 18th to 19th century

In This Issue...

Art in Focus: Ancestral Figure "Patong"
Mark Johnson takes a closer look at a rare and highly refined Ngaju Dayak sculpture representing an important ancestor. 

On Trend:
Mark Blackburn gives his take on the current state of the Tribal art market and recaps recent auctions.

Legal Briefs:
U.S.’s UNESCO Withdrawal and the Art World; NAGPRA Repatriation Updates from Ron McCoy.

Legal Committee Report: 
The ATADA Voluntary Returns program has successfully returned over 100 sacred and ceremonial items to Southwestern tribes.  Take an in-depth look at how the program works.

ATADA Foundation Updates
The ATADA Calendar - Upcoming and Ongoing Tribal Art Events

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serious about understanding issues facing collectors today.

Black Panther and Museums: the need for a genuine dialogue

A recent article on The Hopkins Exhibitionist website discusses the need for a dialogue about the complicated relationships between museums and the cultures which created the objects in their collections.  

While this article is focused on African art, we should be aware of the possible impacts on all indigenous art in museums and private collections. 

Spoiler Alert: the article does discuss the opening scene of the movie. 

The ATADA Voluntary Returns Program

An overview of the ATADA Voluntary Returns Program has been published on the website. 

If you are not familiar with the program, please visit the Voluntary Returns page on our website for an in-depth look at how it works and why we think this community based approach is the best and most efficient method for the return of sacred and ceremonial objects. 

The ATADA Voluntary Returns Program is a community-based initiative designed to bring sacred and highly valued ceremonial objects to Native American tribes. Returns take place through a consultative process in which ATADA representatives work directly with tribal community and spiritual leaders. The program evolved through the recognition by art dealers and private collectors that certain objects, although legal to own, had great importance to tribal communities, and that their return could invigorate and enhance tribal community life.

Upcoming & Ongoing Events and Exhibitions

Check out the ATADA Calendar for a full list of upcoming and ongoing events and exhibitions.

Bears Ears Opinion piece from two Native American Tribal Leaders

In an opinion piece from The Mercury News, the leaders of two Native American Tribes in California speak about the removal of protections for Bears Ears and other national monuments...

From the article:

Bears Ears was the first national monument protected at the request of tribes and is collectively managed by a commission of tribal members.
By eliminating protections for this sacred national monument, the president is saying that there’s nothing worth protecting in these lands. This is an outrageous suggestion, a slap in the face to the tribes that call Bears Ears home, and an affront to Native Americans all across the country.

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