Full Member Benefits

  • Complete Directory Listing
    including: logo, business specialties, website and contact links, images and more.
  • Featured inventory item listed in the ATADA.org Marketplace
  • Collection insurance coverage
  • Inventory insurance coverage
  • Voting privileges in ATADA elections
  • Eligible to be on board of Governors
  • Eligible to serve on committees
  • Eligible to chair committees
  • May contribute to resource archive
  • May exhibit at any ATADA-sponsored event
  • May use ATADA logo on advertising, letterheads, etc.

This class of membership is intended for dealers and other professionals with a business interest in tribal arts. A Full Member is defined as an individual or business entity who has been active for two or more years in the area of antique tribal arts such as dealers, restorers, appraisers, publishers, book dealers, show promoters, etc. Business entities must provide the name of the principals – anonymous business entities will be accepted in rare circumstances and only as approved in advance by the BOD (Board of Directors). 

ATADA Full Members are required to uphold ethical standards as defined in the ATADA Bylaws, and must agree to honor the ATADA guarantee of authenticity and condition for all American Indian and Tribal Art sales. Conditions of membership as an ATADA Full Member are listed in the ATADA Bylaws.

The initial application fee is $200, with dues of $375 per annum. Additional galleries owned by the same member may be listed at $150 per additional gallery, per annum.

ATADA performs extensive background checks on all Full Membership applicants. The names of two Full Members who have had this status for two or more years and who support your application must be provided along with the membership information. The BOD will review your application, contact your sponsors and either approve or disapprove of your application within a reasonable amount of time. At this point, you will have Provisional Member status and your contact information will be printed in the newsletter. The ATADA Membership has thirty days from the date of publication in the newsletter to comment on Provisional Members. After review by the membership, you will be notified that your application has been approved or disapproved. Once full approval has been obtained, you may apply for ATADA group insurance benefits and a full listing with image will be published on the web and in the next annual directory. All fees will be returned to you in the event that your application is turned down.

ATADA requires an e-mail address and a phone number for communications within organization. If a member does not wish to publish the email address and/or phone number, it can be unlisted and used only for official ATADA communications. 

Full Members are entitled to vote in ATADA elections, receive the ATADA News Quarterly, have a complete listing in the Members Directory, and may use the ATADA logo in any advertising and on their web sites or ebay listings.

Members are entitled to purchase ATADA Group Insurance for both private and commercial collections. The commercial policy covers inventory while being shipped, in transit, and, at shows and permanent places of business. The rates for the private collection insurance are very attractive and depend on the type of item or size of the collections.  Click Here to find out more about the ATADA Members group insurance rates.