STOLEN - Pre-Columbian Stone Mask - Paris, France

This ancient stone carved mask has a rounded human face on one side. The verso is a caved skull with two inlaid black obsidian eyes.
The mask is approximately 8" tall by 7" wide.
It has an extremely high value.

The mask was stolen in August of 2016. 
The last known location was at the gallery:
Christophe JORON-DEREM
46 rue Sainte-Anne
75002 PARIS

If you have any information, please contact
Walter Knox
Knox Artifacts Gallery
Howard Rose
Arte Primitivo Gallery

STOLEN - Tesuque & San Juan Pottery Jars - Santa Fe, NM

During the evening or May 31 or early morning of June 1,  and individual entered our property through the back door and stole two pottery jars. 

The first is a 12” x 10” Tesuque.
The second is a 9” H x 10” tall San Juan. 
(Click images for larger view)

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Jan Brooks and Lane Coulter
Coulter Brooks Art & Antiques

If you have any information about the location of this piece, please contact Jan Brooks or Lane Coulter at (505) 577-7051 or via email at

Or contact Detective John Van Etten with the Santa Fe Police Department at 505-629-2146.
Police report# 17-008607


STOLEN / MISSING - Cheyenne/Arapaho Amulet - Near Branson, MO

The owner of this piece was on a road trip from New York City to Oklahoma and believes that it went missing in or near Branson, Missouri.  

The item was in a white nylon drawstring bag which was inside a clear DVD case. 

This piece was taken as a "trophy" from a slain warrior at the Sand Creek Massacre by the owner's great-great grandfather. 
The owner had planned to return the item to the proper tribe when it was lost. 

There is a $1,000 reward for the return of the item.

More information about the history of the amulet can be found on the KY3 News Website

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If you have any information about the location of this piece, please contact Mike Allen at 212-416-3506 or at or contact the Branson Police Department at 417-334-3300.

Allen is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. He wrote an extensive article on the history of the amulet. You can search for that article called "My Great-Great-Grandfather and an American Indian Tragedy" online.

STOLEN - Ute Toy Cradle - Austin, TX

On December 14th, Fed Express delivered to a building in Austin Texas a Toy Ute Cradle c. 1885 (30.5 inches tall with doll) that was never received by the purchaser.

If found or seen, please contact:
Don Siegel, Chipeta Trading Company
1380 Zuni Street
Denver, CO80204

Ute Toy Cradle
c. 1885 , 30.5" tall
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