STOLEN - Ute Toy Cradle - Austin, TX

On December 14th, Fed Express delivered to a building in Austin Texas a Toy Ute Cradle c. 1885 (30.5 inches tall with doll) that was never received by the purchaser.

If found or seen, please contact:
Don Siegel, Chipeta Trading Company
1380 Zuni Street
Denver, CO80204

Ute Toy Cradle
c. 1885 , 30.5" tall
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STOLEN - Two Bronze Statues - Tucson, AZ

2 Bronze statues were stolen on Christmas Day from a home in Tucson, AZ. 

Bronze Statue called the Bell Mare by John Mortensen, Wilson, Wyo.
pproximately 33” tall 20”x 11” base

Click image for larger view

“Last of the Open Range by Grant Speed, deceased (Utah)
Approximately 18” x 10” base
Photo blown up from distant original

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If you have any information regarding these two sculptures, please contact:

Susie and William Adams

Police Report # 161225172.
Pima County Sheriff’s Department
Officer Nicholas Baker
Phone 520-351-6177

STOLEN - Navajo Coffee Pitcher - CU Natural History Musuem

Between the dates of October 21 and 24, UCM catalog number 10176 was stolen from an exhibit case in the Anthropology Hall of the CU Natural History Museum. It is a Navajo coffee pitcher. The pitcher is dark brown in color with a handle at the top across from the spout, which has six straining holes. There is a fiber cord attached to the handle. Its dimensions are 16.5 cm L (including the handle and spout), 10.5 cm W, and 18 cm H. 

The pitcher is a “Navajo Coffee Pot or Pitcher, European Style” collected by Earl H. Morris from the “Southwestern United States” and donated in the 1940s to the CU Museum by Lucile Morris, Earl’s second wife.

Please contact CU Museum staff or the CU police department if you have any information on this item. Thank you.

CU Museum Main Line: 303-492-6892
CU Museum email:
CU Police Department: 303-492-6666