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2014 ATADA Members Gallery and Directory

The ATADA Members represent a Who's Who of the American Indian and Tribal Art worlds. Listed in alphabetical order (by first member's surname) in this Directory, contact information, areas of specialization, and services available are posted. In a departure from past practice, each ATADA member has been provided space for a full-color, annotated image of some of their best available pieces. ATADA has vetted the images of all objects displayed here, while each member retains responsibility for authenticating and identifying their own objects. Each ATADA member has pledged to honor the guarantee of authenticity and condition published at

The juxtaposition of the large number of ATADA Dealers in these two closely-related tribal fields presents to art collectors the great opportunities for purchase of American Indian and Tribal art in North America. Members update inventory here on the first of each month. Just scroll down this page to see the finest American Indian and Tribal Art available today. If you are interested in purchasing something you see in this Directory, please contact the individual dealer or gallery directly. If you need assistance in finding a member near to you and/or who specializes in the art of interest to you, please send an email to Alice Kaufman,, detailing your request.

To search this page, you will need to use your browser's "Find on this Page" function. In all current browsers, Ctrl-f (Cmd-f on Mac) displays a search box in the upper toolbar (lower toolbar in FireFox) which applies only to the current page.


Joe and Sara Alexanian   

Detail of 4.3ft x 6.2ft Monument Valley Pictorial with Yei, Ca 1940s.

Alexanian Rugs, Inc.
Joe and Sara Alexanian
3341 Columbia, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107 USA (505) 881-3333  business
Specialties: We offer the safest, most exacting color run removal services available. Washing, reweaving, padding, hanging systems and moth protection. We buy and sell.
Services: Complete rug and blanket preservation and conservation.



American Indian Art Magazine   

American Indian Art Magazine
Mary G. Hamilton, Publisher
7314 E. Osborn Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-6418 USA (480) 994-5445  business (480) 945-9533  fax
Specialties: Celebrating 40 years, American Indian Art Magazine is a colorful quarterly magazine devoted exclusively to the great variety of Native American art forms.



Tad Anderman and Vickie Yorke   

Three strands of exquisitely carved shell birds by the Zuni master Leekya Deyuse.

Silver Plume Gallery
Vickie Yorke
Shop 1\3 Knox Street
Double Bay, Sydney, New South Wales 2028 Australia  
Specialties: Historic Pueblo pottery, pawn jewelry, esoterica, kachinas, Navajo rugs and blankets. Pre-turn of the century Mexican primitive and colonial furniture folk art., and Australian indigenous art
Services: Purveyors of American Indian & Indigenous Art.



Walter Anderson   

Another Ramona Star basket found.

Walt's Collectibles
Walter Anderson
PO Box 29206
Santa Fe, NM 87592 USA (505) 660-0700  business
(877) 232-4564  toll free
Specialties: Specializing in the Basketry of the Mission Indians of Southern California.
Services: Free identification of Mission Indian baskets; written statements for a fee.



John Andrews   

Zuni Olla, c. 1880

Native Jackets
66 E. San Francisco St., #11
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 984-0005  Business (888) 420-0005  Toll Free
Specialties: Navajo textiles, Southwestern baskets, Pueblo and Hopi pottery, Navajo and Pueblo jewelry
Services: Sales



Alexander E. Anthony, Jr.   

Hopi Pueblo KATSINAM, Cottonwood Root, Unknown Carvers, Various Sizes.

Adobe Gallery
Alexander E. Anthony, Jr., Owner/Director
221 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 955-0550  business  
Specialties: Historic Pueblo Pottery, Hopi Katsina Dolls, Old Silver and Turquoise Jewelry, Mission Oak Furniture and Fine Art. We also purchase and broker collections.
Services: All items can be viewed on our website. Sign up for your free My Adobe Gallery account.



Michael Auliso   

Easter Island male figure, early 19th c., 16.5 inches.

Tribalmania Gallery
New Gallery Location by the Sea, by Appointment Only
P.O. Box 757
Ben Lomond, CA 95005-0757 USA (831) 419-6220  business  
Specialties: Antique ethnographic art: Oceanic; African; Indonesian; Aboriginal; Northwest Coast/ Eskimo.
Services: High quality objects online and by appointment. Interviews, show reviews and more!



Jason Baldwin   

Fisk Oil 1924, Texas Ranger on the Trail, signed and dated.

Terra Incognita
Jason Baldwin, Partner
1142 West Columbia Ave #3
Chicago, IL 60626 USA (312) 316-7484  
Specialties: Native American, sporting art, antique guns, knives and related items



Robert Bauver   

Santo Domingo olla, ca. 1915 ex Richard Howard collection; Zuni jewelry, 1930s - 1950s

Robert Bauver American Indian Art
New Salem, MA 01355 USA (978) 544-0231  business
(978) 544-5852  fax
Specialties: Pueblo pottery from the historic period. Classic antique silver and old pawn jewelry of the Navajo and Pueblo people. By appointment.



Heidi Becker   

Navaho silver bridle, circa 1900. Simply decorated with chisel and file stamping and other early stamp work. Some minor repair on the leather. Naja missing.

Heidi Becker Antiques
1430 Willamette St. #142
Eugene, OR 97401 USA
(541) 485-5887  business
(541) 554-2025  mobile
Specialties: Plains and Plateau beadwork, basketry, Zuni and Navajo jewelry, reservation beadwork, Plateau bags, weavings, tempera paintings, Native American photographs and postcards.
Services: Appraisals and consultations.



Jerry and Deanna Becker   

Classic Navajo third phase chief blanket, circa 1860-1865 ; 51" by 68." Native, hand spun Churro wool, natural brown and ivory, blue dyed with indigo, the red is raveled bayeta, dyed with cochineal.

Elk Creek Trading Co., Inc.
Jerry and Deanna Becker
200 Aspen Lane
Pine, CO 80470 USA (303) 838-6245  business (303) 838-6242  fax
Specialties: Antique textiles of the American Southwest. Early Navajo, Pueblo, Hispanic blankets and vintage Navajo rugs.
Services: Appraisals, cleaning and restoration.



Steve, Diana and Deborah Begner   

Very fine argillite pipe, c. 1850. No restoration.

Turkey Mountain Traders
Steve, Diana, and Deborah Begner, Owners
PO Box 2049
Evergreen, CO 80437 USA (480) 423-8777  business  
Specialties: We specialize in antique Navajo and Zuni jewelry, old Navajo textiles, northeast Woodlands beadwork and southwest baskets.
Services: Appraisals and consultations. Continuously updated website showing current inventory.



David Bernstein   

(Left) Nazca birdman effigy standing with feather cloak, h. 11," Peru, circa 400 AD, Tishman collection. (Right) Proto-Nazca birdman shaman effigy, h. 11," Peru, circa BC 100, Monheim collection.

David Bernstein Fine Art
355 E. 72nd Street,
Apt. 16E
New York, NY 10021 USA (212) 794-0389  business  
Specialties: Pre-Columbian gold, Peruvian textiles, Andean ceramics, Taino artifacts. By appointment only.
Services: Appraisals, restoration, mounts, black lights and microscopes for sale.



Marcia Berridge   

The 2010 Ethnographic Show.

Whitehawk Antique Shows
Marcia Berridge
PO Box 1272
Santa Fe, NM 87504 USA (505) 992-8929  work  
Specialties: Producers of the Whitehawk Shows in Santa Fe: Ethnographic Show, August 11-13, 2011; Antique American Indian Art Show, August 14-16, 2011.



Ted Birbilis and Sandy Raulston   

American Indian Objects and American Regional Art

Roadside America
Sandy Raulston, Manager
330 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105 USA (626) 437-6275 (626) 840-8237  
Specialties: American Indian, Spanish Revival, California Plien Air, Monterey Furniture, American Art Pottery.
Services: Produce Golden California Show, Glendale, CA October. Appraisals, buy & sell.



Steven M. Blevins   

Mic Mac Pipe Bowl, Steatite, mid 19th C., Finely carved bowl with 4 animals from the underworld.

Steven M. Blevins Indian Art
1142 Ed Briese Road
Utterson, Ontario POB 1MO Canada (705) 769-2042  business
Specialties: Northeast and Arctic Indian artifacts
Services: Appraisals, valuations, research



Chris and Lew Bobrick   

Early Navajo Jewelry.

Lewis Bobrick Antiques
Chris and Lew Bobrick
1213 E. 4th Ave
Denver, CO 80218 USA (303) 744-9203  business (303) 722-0128  fax (303) 744-9203  home
Specialties: Unique vintage native and fine art of the North American continent; old silver jewelry of the Southwest and Mexico; Oriental rugs.
Services: Open gallery. Buy, sell, advise and consignment sales.



Rainer W. "Jerry" Bock   

False Mummy Head Mask,Textile with Silver Applications, Huari, Central Coast Peru, 700 - 1000 AD.

Splendors of the World
2761 Kauhikoalani
Haiku, HI 97608 USA (808) 575-9083  business  
Specialties: Museum-quality pre-Columbian textiles, ceramics, objects in wood, stone and metal; also ancient Asian and tribal art.
Services: Collection development consulting and conservation consulting.



Tim and Susan Brick   

Navajo Storm Pattern weaving circa 1930, early Papago olla with lizards and deer-11 ", Apache olla with dogs-9", Apache olla geometric-14".

Four Winds Gallery
Tim and Susan Brick
340 13th Avenue South
Naples, FL 34102 USA (239) 263-7555  business (239) 263-2662  business  
Specialties: American Indian pottery, jewelry, baskets, textiles and beadwork.
Services: Appraisal services. Buying collections.



Nancye Hudgins Briggs   

Before and After Reweaving.

Southwestern Restorations
Nancye Hudgins Briggs, Owner
PMB 1212, 5109 82nd Street # 7
Lubbock, TX 79424-3000 USA (806) 241-7154  cell
Specialties: Nancye Hudgins Briggs has restored over 5000 textiles since 1979. Classic to contemporary and some beaded sashes.
Services: Restoring, buying, selling and trading of Native American artworks.



George Brown   

Beaded Finger Woven Wool Sash, Upper Great Lakes, Chippewa, Early- to Mid-nineteenth Century.

George Brown
PO Box 363 Station Q
Toronto, Ontario M4T 2M5 Canada (416) 964-9134  business
Specialties: American Indian, Oceanic, and African art; out of print and rare reference books on primitive art, ethnology, history, and early travels.



Marcy Burns Schillay   

Apache polychrome figural tray, Zuni dough bowl, Germantown moki sampler, circa 1890-1900.

Marcy Burns American Indian Arts, LLC
520 East 72nd Street, Ste 2C
New York, NY 10021 USA (212) 439-9257  business
call first (212) 439-9257  fax
  (917) 710-8635  cell
Specialties: antique Native American basketry, textiles, pottery, and jewelry, along with name-maker period jewelry from Taxco Mexico.
Services: Buying and selling North American Indian art; collection consulting, appraisals for insurance purposes.



John A Buxton   

Art Trak, Inc.
John Buxton, Owner
6717 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75254 USA (972) 239-9943  business (972) 239-4620  business (972) 239-9766  fax
Specialties: African, Pre-Columbian, Oceanic, Native American, and Folk Art.
Services: Dealer, Broker, Appraiser, Expert Witness



Corinne Cain   

Oscar Howe (1915-1983) Calisthentic Dance, 1960, Opaque Watercolor on Paper.
Corinne Cain
Phoenix, AZ 85021 USA (602) 906-1633  business (877) 906-1633  toll free (602) 703-1633  cell
Specialties: Fine American Indian paintings, sculpture, drawings, original prints, vintage Navajo, Hopi, Zuni jewelry, coiled and twined baskets and pueblo pottery.
Services: Conscientious estate advice and brokering. Consignments are welcome.



Lillian Black and Tyrone Campbell   

Navajo wedge weave blanket, circa 1875-80. Hand spun with two shades of indigo blue and vegetal green.

Tyrone D. Campbell
PO Box 25634
Scottsdale, AZ 85255 USA (480) 502-8899  business
(602) 741-4505  cell
Specialties: Antique Navajo, Pueblo and Hispanic textiles and Spanish colonial arts
Services: Consultations, appraisals and curatorial services.



Guillermo Cardenas   

Royal Sican Gold Mask with Gold Pupils and Red Cinnabar Pigment. Middle Sican, IX Century. Lambayeque, Peru.

Eric Thomas, Director
1113 Dragon Street
Dallas, TX 75207 USA (214) 998-4803  business  
Specialties: Pre-Columbian, African and Oceanic. Textiles, paintings, sculpture, masks and jewelry.
Services: Retail sales and evaluation.



Peter B. Carl   

Southwest Pueblo Pottery
Peter Carl
PO Box 54933
Oklahoma City, OK 73154 USA (405) 250-9223  business
Specialties: Pueblo pottery, contemporary and historic. Acquisition of collections whole or in part. Collection evaluations and guidance.



Merlin J. Carlson   

Luiseño basket tray c. 1880s, Hopi Kachina c. 1947, Chippewa moccasins c. 1920s, Navajo concho belt c. 1940s, Navajo rug c. 1960s.

Old Adobe Traders
Merlin J. Carlson
3551 Sagunto Street
Santa Ynez, CA 93460 USA (805) 686-1575  business (805) 686-1575  fax
  (928) 221-3959  cell
Specialties: We specialize in authentic Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and Santo Domingo jewelry, both contemporary and pre-1940. Also baskets, Navajo rugs, Pueblo pottery and Hopi Kachinas.
Services: Appraisal and consulting services.



Charles C Castles   

Charley's Navajo Rugs
Charles Castles, Owner
1200 N. Douty
Hanford, CA 93230 USA (559) 259 9482  
Specialties: Navajo Rugs



Kevin R Cheek   

Rare Esoteric Nazca Ceremonial Vessel in the Form of a Human Heart. Circa 500-600 A.D., 7.25 inches high. Ex: Arthur M. Sackler Collection.

Apolonia Ancient Art
Kevin Cheek
290 Fillmore Street #D
Denver, CO 80206 USA (303) 321-7551 (305) 785-5315  cell
Specialties: High Quality Pre-Colombian Ceramics, Metal, and Stone. Classical Antiquities: Greek, Roman, and Egyptian.
Services: Appraisal Services for Insurance or Donation. Auction Representation. US Customs Bond Holder for US Importations.



Jackson Clark II   

Germantown Yarn Navajo Weaving Ca. 1900, 46" x 61".

Toh-Atin Gallery
Jackson Clark
P.O. Box 2329
Durango, CO 81301 USA (800) 525-0384  toll free (970) 247-8277  business (970) 946-0882  cell
Specialties: Contemporary and antique Navajo weaving, Indian jewelry, Pueblo pottery, Kachinas, baskets, beadwork and Native American paintings.
Services: Valuations on Navajo weavings and collection sales.



David and Linda Cook   

Chief's Blanket, Navajo, c. 1860, 50 x 58 inches.

David Cook Fine American Art
David and Linda Cook, Owners
1637 Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202 USA (303) 623-8181  business (303) 623-4817  fax
Specialties: Specializing in historic American Indian art and paintings of Colorado and the West from the late 19th century through the mid 20th century.
Services: Appraisals.



Lane Coulter and Jan Brooks   

Zia dough bowl ca. 1890, Zuni manta.

Coulter - Brooks Art and Antiques
Lane Coulter and Jan Brooks
924 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA
(505) 983-3232  business  
Specialties: Antique Navajo and Pueblo jewelry and textiles, New Mexican furniture, tinwork and Santos, southeastern baskets; American folk art and eccentric objects.
Services: Collection development, evaluation and appraisal; writing and curatorial projects.



Cowans Auctions   

Cowan's Auctions
Danica Farnand, Director of American Indian Art
6270 Este Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45232 USA (513) 871-1670  Business



Bing and Vickie Crosby   

Unusual Maria Martinez pot (c. early 1920s "Marie", mint); Avanyu pot by Linda Tafoya; vintage Zuni Squash Blossom necklace w/ ring, earrings & bracelet; Two Grey Hills rug by Pearl Henderson.

The Crosby Collection
Bing and Vickie Crosby
Box 3297
Park City, UT 84060 USA (435) 658-1813  business  
Specialties: Pawn and contemporary Native American jewelry, gem-quality domestic turquoise, Pueblo pottery from matriarchs to moderns, Hopi Kachinas, Navajo rugs, Zuni fetishes.
Services: Consultation and collection evaluation and development; gallery, phone and web sales.



Jennifer Cullen   

Vintage and Contemporary Jewellery.

Four Winds Gallery
Jennifer Cullen
11/28 Cross Street,
Double Bay
Sydney, New South Wales 2028 Australia 02 9328 7951 04 3930 0197  
Specialties: Great historic and contemporary jewellery, sculpture, and turn-of-the-20th-century Navajo weavings.
Services: Buying, selling, appraising and building Indian jewellery collections.



Jack Curtright   

Umatilla Martingale and Nez Pierce Cradle both ca. 1890.

Curtright and Son Tribal Art
Jack G. Curtright
708 Market St. Suite 408
Tacoma, WA 98402 USA (360) 349-7032  cell (253) 383-2969  business
  (877) 463-2135  toll free



Taylor A. Dale   

Taylor A. Dale - TAD Fine Tribal Art
Taylor A. (Tad) Dale
129 West San Francisco Street, 2nd Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA 505-989-9903  gallery 505-670-3488   mobile
Specialties: Quality antique African, Oceanic and Native American arts



Douglas Dawson   

Equestrian Figure, Ashante Culture, Ghana, 20th Century, H: 4.25" x W:3.25" x D:1.0", Copper alloy, Inventory No. 18685.

Douglas Dawson Gallery
224 S Michigan Ave. Suite 266
Chicago, IL 60604 USA (312) 226-7975  business (312) 226-7974  fax
Specialties: Ancient and historic art from Africa, Asia and the Americas. Early 20th Century.
Services: Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00AM - 5:30PM



Terry DeWald   

Navajo Late Classic Third Phase Chief Blanket circa 1875, Pima harvesting bowl circa 1900, Yavapai geometric tray circa 1920, Pima triple row fret motif circa 1900, Yavapai figural tray circa 1920.

Terry DeWald American Indian Art
8401-D E. Ocotillo Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85750 USA (520) 749-9790  business
(520) 749-9790  fax
Specialties: Historic southwest and California basketry, historic Navajo blankets and rugs, Kachina dolls, Navajo bracelets, contemporary Tohono O'odham and Apache basketry.
Services: Appraisals.



Teresa Dodge   

Colima Dog, Pre-Columbian, West Mexico, ca. 200 BC to 200 AD.

Artemis Gallery Ancient Art
Teresa Dodge, Owner/Managing Director
PO Box 714
Erie, CO 80516 USA (720) 890-7700  business (720) 936-4282  cell
Specialties: Classical Antiquities and Pre-Columbian Art from the ancient Americas/Caribbean. Online exclusively. Authenticity guaranteed.
Services: Sales, consignment, appraisals, estate liquidation, TL Testing, restoration.



Merrill Domas   

Fred Grayson Sayre, Oil on canvas, 28.25" x 36"

American Indian Art
Merrill B. Domas
1151 Castle Kirk Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808 USA (518) 392-3913  summer (225) 766-7184  winter
  (518) 755-7376  cell
Specialties: 18th and 19th century Plains, Great Lakes, Woodlands, Inuit and North West Coast American Indian art. Historic baskets, pottery, jewelry, guns, folk art and paintings.
Services: Appraisals, consultations, estate dispersal.



Denise Doty-Wells   

Examples of items available at Loneindian Trading.

Loneindian Trading
Denise Doty-Wells, Owner
PO Box 4320
Chino Valley, AZ 86323 USA 928-636-4847  home
505-220-9364  cell
Services: Indian goods, rugs, pottery, baskets, jewelry, Appraisals by appointment.



Jan Duggan   

Lambert Homer blue gem knifewing set.

Two Star Trading
Jan Duggan
P.O. Box 10161
Santa Fe, NM 87504 USA (505) 986-6101  business  
Specialties: Art of the North American Indian focused on Plains beadwork, Southwest and California basketry, textiles, Navajo jewelry and vintage Mexican jewelry.
Services: Interested in purchasing or brokering collections. By appointment only.



Richard Edwards, Jr.   

Crow Tobacco Society moccasins (side-seam style; pony beads and seed beads), Edwards Family Collection.

Richard Edwards, Jr.
4030 Indian Road, Apt. 401
Toledo, OH 43606-2258 USA (419) 531-6229  bus/home
Specialties: Crow Indian material culture.



Steve Elmore   

Steve Elmore Indian Art
Max Walukus, Gallery Director
839 Paseo de Peralta, Suite M
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 995-9677  business (505) 995-0086  fax
Specialties: Specializing in historic Pueblo pottery, Navajo textiles, Hopi Kachinas, old pawn jewelry, Pueblo paintings, Hopi basketry, and other fine art from the Southwest.
Services: Our gallery is open 6 days a week. We also have an impressive collection on our website. Free Booklet available.



Erich Erdoes   

Sioux sole-beaded moccasins ca. 1880.

Buffalo Tracks - Antique Indian Art
Erich Erdoes
924 Paseo de Peralta, Suite #1
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA 505-983-6106  Business
Specialties: Antique American Indian Art of the Plains and Southwest. Plains bead and quillwork a specialty. Related antique prints, books and ephemera.
Services: Appraisals of Plains Indian material.



Arthur W. Erickson   

Chuckchansi Yokut Large Bowl, (h. 9"; d. 18 1/4") .

Arthur W. Erickson, Inc.
1030 SW Taylor St.
Portland, OR 97205 USA (503) 227-4710  business (503) 279-9146  fax
Specialties: Emphasizing Native American art and artifacts from the Plateau region, as well as other Oregon and Washington material.
Services: Appraisals and consignments.



Andrea J Esty   

Chilkat Blanket, c.1910. .

AE Tribal Antiques
Andrea Esty
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 USA (949) 887-9878  cell  
Specialties: Plains and woodlands beadwork and associated items.
Services: Consultations, buying and selling by appointment.



Michael R. Evans   

Mask, Ramu River, Papua New Guinea, Wood & pigments, Early 20th century. Height: 57 cm.

Michael Evans Fine Art
16 b rue de la Prefecture
21000 Dijon, France +33 (0)9 54 49 51 32  business +33 (0)6 13 36 00 36  cell
Specialties: Oceanic, African and world tribal art. Native American Indian especially Northwest Coast, Eskimo and the Southwest.



Jay Evetts   

Found object, New Mexico, circa 1870s.

Jay Evetts Antique Brokers
PO Box 2409
Gallup, NM 87301 USA
(505) 722-6962  business
(505) 379-6595  other



Erik Farrow   

Azande War shield - 19th century shield for a high ranking warrior. Woven wicker and wood, D.R. Congo, Africa.

Farrow Fine Art Gallery
Erik Farrow
19 Lovell Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901 USA 415-717-5588  cell  
Specialties: Dealer of authentic antique art, shields and weapons from Indonesia, Oceania, The Philippines, Africa and Tribal Asia.
Services: Art restoration of sculpture.



Edith and Julien Flak   

Katsinam, Hopi & Zuni Kachina Dolls © Galerie Flak – Photo : D. Voirin

Galerie Flak
8, Rue des Beaux-Arts
75006 Paris France 011 3 314 633 7777  business (505) 692-9464  USA cell
  01133616966686  cell
Specialties: Ancient tribal art from Africa, Oceania and North America including art from the North West Coast, Alaska and the Southwest (Kachina dolls.)
Services: Purchase and sale of tribal art objects, appraisal, and personalized consulting.



Roger Foltz   

Two Pines art.

Two Pines Art
Roger Foltz
3101 Old Pecos Trail #604
Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA (402) 214-8400  business
Specialties: Specializing in American regional paintings, native American antique art, and American antiques.
Services: Consulting, acquisition for collections, business collections and appraisals.



Jed Foutz   

Shiprock Santa Fe
Jamie Way, Manager
53 Old Santa Fe Trail, Upstairs on the Plaza
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 982-8478  business  
  (505) 989-1795  fax
Specialties: Offering contemporary and historic American Indian textiles, jewelry, pottery, basketry, sculpture, fine art and mid-century modern furnishings.
Services: Full appraisal services.



Darlene D. Fredrick   

Pictorial Yokuts basket, 4 3/4 inches high, 7 inches wide.

Darlene Fredrick Gallery
2465 Marylhaven PL.
Lake Oswego, OR 97034 USA (503) 697-5117  business
Specialties: American Indian basketry, Plateau bags and beadwork.
Services: Appraisals and consultations.



W. Roger and Patricia K. Fry   

The Lure of the Arctic, Eskimo and Inuit Artifacts from the W. Roger and Patricia K. Fry Collection, Cincinnati Art Museum, October 20, 2007 to January 6, 2008 (Cincinnati Art Museum photo.)

The W. Roger and Patricia K. Fry Collection
7920 Brill Road
Cincinnati, OH 45243 USA (513) 381-9239  business (513) 381-9206  fax
(513) 561-7668  home
Specialties: 19th and early 20th century ethnographic objects from the Arctic, Eskimo, Inuit, Northwest Coast and related areas.
Services: Appraisals. W. Roger Fry is Co-Chair of the ATADA Legal Committee.



Robert V. Gallegos   

Three Pueblo Necklaces shown on Mission Basket.

Robert V. Gallegos
215 Sierra Drive SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108 USA (505) 262-0620  business
(505) 463-3940  cell
Specialties: All types of Native American and New Mexican arts and crafts 1800 to 1950.
Services: Appraisals and consultations on purchasing and selling one item or a collection.



Robert V. Gallegos   

Cochiti Pueblo Storage Jar, c.1880s, No Restoration, 19” X 19”, Behind the Jar is a Pueblo Manta, c.1870s, No Restoration, 33” X 48”.

Golden West Trading Post
Clay Towell, General Manager; Gallegos & Garcia, Proprietors
1212 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104 USA (505) 242-4799  Business (505) 379-6595  Cell
Specialties: Historic and collectible Native American arts and crafts
Services: Buying and selling, appraisal services, buying of estates, one item or a collection



Philip Garaway   

(Left to right) Hopi Hemis Kachina doll; Cahuilla Mission snake basket and Acoma polychrome jar..

Philip Garaway Native American Art
PO Box 1020
Venice, CA 90294 USA (310) 577-8555  business  
Specialties: Antique Native American Art, Navajo Blankets and Rugs, Pueblo Pottery, Basketry from Western America, Vintage Hopi & Zuni Kachinas and Inuit Objects.
Services: Appraisals.



Dan Garland   

Antique Collectors Room at Garland's Navajo Rugs.

Garland's Navajo Rugs
Steve Mattoon, Manager
PO Box 851
Sedona, AZ 86339 USA (928) 282-4070  business (928) 282-4070  business
  (928) 282-7069  fax
Specialties: Authentic contemporary and antique Navajo weavings, Hopi Kachina dolls, Pueblo pottery, Native American basketry, Navajo sand paintings and old pawn jewelry.
Services: Buying collections and free advice regarding evaluation of Native American items.



Gregory Ghent and Scott McCue   

Ghent & McCue Art Appraisals
Gregory Ghent & Scott McCue , Appraisers
7 Avenida Vista Grande,
Santa Fe, NM 87508 USA 505-467-8594  Santa Fe 510-334-3837  Mobile
Specialties: Professional appraisals of ancient & modern Native American Indian, Tribal, Pre-Columbian, Modern & Contemporary art for insurance, tax deductible gifts, estate taxes, equitable distribution of assets, loss claims
Services: On-site inspection, photography, research and analysis, certified report.



Irwin and Marjorie Goodman   

Historic Zia Storage Jar: Original condition.

Historic American Indian Art
Irwin and Marjorie Goodman
PO Box 4093
Wayne, NJ 07474-4093 USA (973) 694-1612  business
(973) 615-9744  cell
  (973) 694-6633  fax
Specialties: Historic Native American Indian textiles, pottery, Northwest Coast and Plains.
Services: Research and collection services available.



H. Malcolm Grimmer   

Sioux (possibly Cheyenne) Pipe Bag, circa 1870.

H. Malcolm Grimmer
316 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 982-8669  business (505) 982-1598  fax
Specialties: H. Malcolm Grimmer offers historic American Indian art of the highest quality and provides auxiliary services associated with collection development and management.
Services: Consulting and appraisals.



Penny Guest and Jim McGlinn   

Early 20th century Northwest Coast Cedar Bark Cape, 19th Century Alaskan Eskimo Kayak w/ 3 figures, Mid 20th Century Tlingit Carved Cedar Helmet.

Lummi Island Trading Company
Penny Guest and Jim McGlinn
2129 G Street
Washougal, WA 98671 USA (360) 835-3909  business (360) 690-6212  cell



Andrew D. Hale   

Uzbek Lakai Ilgitch, silk embroidery on wool, cotton backing.

Anahita Gallery, Inc
Andrew D. Hale, Owner
Box 5827
Santa Fe, NM 87502 USA (505) 231-7216  business
Specialties: International Art, Photography, Appraisal. Vintage and contemporary international photography with a specialty in Russia and Central Asia, ethnographic art and textiles of Central Asia
Services: Curatorial and appraisal services.



Cynthia J. Hale   

Native, Western, Latin, and American Fine Art, Artifacts, and Photographs.

Native American and Southwest Art Appraisals, Inc.
Cynthia J. Hale ISA AM
7122 S. Sheridan, Ste. 2 #474
Tulsa, OK 74133 USA (855) NAAAINC (622-2462)  Business
Specialties: Specializing in artifacts, antiques, baskets, beadwork, bultos, carvings, ephemera, ex-votos, jewelry, kachinas / katsinas, paintings, photographs, pottery, prints, retablos, santos, sculptures, and textiles; with emphasis in Bacone School, Bierstadt, Borein, Cameron, Catlin, Cowboy, Curtis, Delano, Dixon, Dunn Studio, FSA, f/64, Huffman, IAIA, Indian Agency, Jackson, Kiowa Five, Leigh, Los Cinco Pintores, Moon, Moran, O’Sullivan, Prairie Print Makers, Pueblo, Railroad, Rio Grande, Reed, Regionalism, Remington, Russell, Santa Fe Art Colony, Spanish Colonial, Taos Society Artists, Watkins, Wittick, WPA, Vroman, and other fine American, Indian, Latin, Western, and Southwestern art and artists.
Services: IRS Qualified, ISA Accredited, and USPAP tested appraisers; Written Appraisal Reports for Assets, Baseline, Donation (IRS), Divorce, Estate (IRS), Insurance, Liquidation, Litigation, and Tax (IRS) purposes; Oral Restricted Reports for Public Valuation Fairs, Estate Sales, Resale, and General Information.



Scott W. Hale   

Native, Western, Latin, and American Fine Art, Artifacts, and Photographs.

Native American and Southwest Art Appraisals, Inc.
Scott W. Hale ISA AM
1000 Cordova Pl. #345
Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA (855) NAAAINC (622-2462)  Business
Specialties: Specializing in artifacts, antiques, baskets, beadwork, bultos, carvings, ephemera, ex-votos, jewelry, kachinas / katsinas, paintings, photographs, pottery, prints, retablos, santos, sculptures, and textiles; with emphasis in Bacone School, Bierstadt, Borein, Cameron, Catlin, Cowboy, Curtis, Delano, Dixon, Dunn Studio, FSA, f/64, Huffman, IAIA, Indian Agency, Jackson, Kiowa Five, Leigh, Los Cinco Pintores, Moon, Moran, O’Sullivan, Prairie Print Makers, Pueblo, Railroad, Rio Grande, Reed, Regionalism, Remington, Russell, Santa Fe Art Colony, Spanish Colonial, Taos Society Artists, Watkins, Wittick, WPA, Vroman, and other fine American, Indian, Latin, Western, and Southwestern art and artists.
Services: Written Appraisal Reports for Assets, Baseline, Donation (IRS), Divorce, Estate (IRS), Insurance, Liquidation, Litigation, and Tax (IRS) purposes; Oral Restricted Reports for Public Valuation Fairs, Estate Sales, Resale, and General Information.



Eleanor Tulman Hancock   

Navajo Late Classic Serape, ex collection Richard Aveton, late 19th century.

Eleanor Tulman Hancock, Inc.
202 Riverside Drive
New York City, NY 10025 USA (212) 866-5267  business
Specialties: Antique North American Indian pottery, basketry, textiles, beadwork, Kachinas, art of the Northwest Coast and Inuit. Member of the Appraisers Association of America.
Services: Purchasing collections and single items. Consultations. By appointment only.



Patrick Harrington   

Germantown Moqui weaving, circa 1890; Chemehuevi basketry tray, circa 1910; Apache polychrome olla, circa 1910.

Harrington Trading Co.
Pat Harrington
6101 Bellamah Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110 USA
(505) 256-1023  business
Specialties: Antique Indian jewelry, weavings, baskets and pottery.
Services: Purchasing collections or individual pieces.



Jim Hart and Loretta Carbonaro   

Northern Plains elk horn quirt, crica 1830, with pony beaded strap.

Acquisition, Inc.
Jim Hart and Loretta Carbonaro
300 S Lenola Rd #PMB 188
Maple Shade, NJ 08052-1602 USA (856) 663-1466  business
(856) 665-2247  fax
Specialties: Antique American Indian, Oceanic, African, Inuit and Northwest Coast art, specializing in weapons from each culture.
Services: Consulting/appraisals. A former member of the International Society of Appraisers, Loretta is IRS qualified.



Michael Haskell   

A collection of fine antique items from Michael Haskell Antiques.

Michael Haskell Antiques
Eric Haskell, Manager
539 San Ysidro Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108 USA (805) 565-1121  gallery (805) 689-4773  cell
Specialties: Dealers, brokers, appraisers and collectors of early Navajo and Pueblo jewelry, Taxco silver, historic Native American Art and Spanish Colonial Art since 1968.



Carol and Allan Hayes   

Top row: Zuni, circa 1910; Laguna/Acoma (Josephine Foard), circa 1905; Tesuque, circa 1880 Bottom row: Cochiti, circa 1920; Zia, circa 1930; Hopi, Lena Charlie, circa 1940; Zuni, circa 1870; Kewa, circa 1900.

Summerhouse Antiques
Carol and Allan Hayes
3001 Bridgeway Blvd K167
Sausalito, CA 94965 USA (415) 332-3489  business (415) 378-3479  cell
Specialties: Old and unusual Pueblo pottery. Authors of "Southwestern Pottery," "The Desert Southwest", and "Pottery of the Southwest."
Services: Pueblo pottery appraisals.



Toby Herbst   

Mayo mask, Northern Mexico, made for Native use, 1950-1960s.

Toby Herbst Antiques
P.O. Box 32076
Santa Fe, NM 87594 USA (505) 983-2652  business
(505) 986-9710  fax
Specialties: Native American art from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego. Early Navajo silver, Plains dolls, Plains beadwork, Woodland sculpture, Northwest Coast and Eskimo art.
Services: Curatorial services, collection formation and management.



Michael D. Higgins   

Michael D. Higgins Antique Indian Art
Michael D. Higgins, Owner
4351 E. Grant Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85712 USA (520) 577-8330  business (520) 444-3339  cell
Specialties: Fine Antique Native American items, including beadwork, baskets, pottery, Katsinas, Navajo weavings, jewelry, Mexican/Spanish Colonial antiques, and Arizona/Western paintings.
Services: Buying, selling, appraising and consulting since 1972.



John C. Hill   

Hopi - Sio Shalako Kachina - Early 20th Century

John C. Hill Antique Indian Art
John C. Hill
6962 East 1st Avenue,
Suite 104
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA (480) 946-2910  business (480) 946-7410  fax
Specialties: For 35 years, John C. Hill has been a dealer in fine antique Hopi and Zuni Kachinas, Navajo weavings, early jewelry, baskets, paintings and pottery from the Southwest.
Services: Single items or collections bought and sold. Appraisals.



Gale Hoskins   

No Image Available

Gale Hoskins
PO Box 12883
Durham, NC 27709 USA (919) 544-3017  business
(919) 544-3017  home
Specialties: Aymara Indian weavings.



Bruce and Ilene Johnson   

Early Comanche Shield.

Mystic Warriors
Bruce and Ilene Johnson
P.O. Box 3353
Evergreen, CO 80437 USA (303) 670-4402  business (303) 674-2836  fax  
Specialties: Specializing in historic American Indian art, including beadwork, weapons and other historic material.
Services: We purchase single items or collections and offer appraisal and consulting services.



Charles Jones   

Frieze, Owo Yoruba, 12' 5".

Charles Jones African Art
Charles Jones
311 Judges Road Unit 6 E,
Judges Road Business Park
Wilmington, NC 28405 USA (910) 794-3060  business  
Specialties: We offer an extensive and varied collection of traditional African art from West Africa.
Services: Traditional African Art, consultation and appraisal services.



John J. Kania   

Yokuts Feast Bowl. Finely coiled example. Work surface on basket's interior. 22 inches diameter by 11 inches high. Circa 1900.

Kania-Ferrin Gallery
John J. Kania
PO Box 33050
Santa Fe, NM 87594 USA (505) 982-8767  business  
Specialties: Antique American Indian basketry.
Services: Gallery open by appointment only; appraisals, mail and internet sales as well.



Robert and Marianne Kapoun   

The Rainbow Man
Robert and Marianne Kapoun
107 E. Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 982-8706  business
(505) 983-1626  fax
Specialties: We have specialized in vintage "pawn jewelry" of the American Indian since 1945. We also have the largest collection of Edward S. Curtis original photography.



Alice Kaufman   

ATADA Executive Director
Alice Kaufman
82 Madrone
Larkspur, CA 94939 USA (415) 927-3717  Business (415) 927-3717  Fax
Specialties: Editor ATADA News, co-author "The Navajo Weaving Tradition," partner of High Desert Concepts.
Services: ATADA Executive Director.



Ruby C. Kerr   

Balinese Basket

Kerr Gallery
Ruby C. Kerr, Owner/Director
2036 North Prospect Avenue,
Unit 408N
Milwaukee, WI 53202 USA (414) 224-1457  home (414) 217-7196  cell
Specialties: Tribal Art with an emphasis on North American Indian, Folk Art and African American Quilts.
Services: Sales, Identification and Appraisal



Alan C. Kessler   

Hopi Sikyachantaka Kachina Doll, c. 1920.

Alan Kessler Gallery
836 Canyon Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 986-0123  business (505) 986-0123  home
Specialties: Specializing in fine American Indian Art of the Southwest, Plains, Northwest Coast, especially kachina dolls, pictorial Navajo spoons, jewelry, beadwork, large inventory.
Services: Consulting and Appraisals, purchase of collections. 37 years of experience.



Fred W. King   

Classic Navajo 'Moki' serape, circa 1865; indigo blue and cochineal red, 80" x 54"

Fred W. King Native American Art
448 Ignacio Blvd. #430
Novato, CA 94949 USA (415) 705 9974  business
(415) 883-1210  fax
Specialties: Navajo weavings from classic blankets to regional rugs. Early and traditional Navajo and Pueblo jewelry.
Services: By appointment only.



Lise Balk King   

No Image Available.

Dakota Sky
Lise Balk King
Provincetown, MA 02657 USA  
Specialties: Sky Gallery specializes in Northern Plains material, and historical and vintage clothing and jewelry from a variety of tribal nations.
Services: Dakota Sky offers consultation and research services for historical and cultural provenance, as well as location and brokering of North American tribal material, from single items to full collections.



Phil and Leota Knight   

Leota's Indian Art
Leota Knight, Owner
822 Neal Dr.
Sugar Land, TX 77498 USA (713) 898 4315  Business
Services: Fine Native American jewelry for the discerning collector.



Walter D. Knox   

(Left to Right): Mimbres Black on White bowl with double bird image ca. 1200 AD; 21 inch Apache Polychrome tray ca. 1910; Acoma double olla ca. 1910.

Knox Artifacts Gallery
Walter Knox, Owner
7056 E. Main St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA (480) 874-1007  business (480) 990-7588  business
Specialties: Pre-Columbian art and prehistoric Native American ceramics.
Services: Appraisals.



Yasutomo Kodera   

Skystone Trading Co., Ltd.
Yasutomo Kodera
1-1 Karuizawa Kitasaku
Nagano 389-0104 Japan 81-267-41-1717  business  
Specialties: We specialize in jewelry, 1930s to contemporary.
Services: Internet and shop, appraisals.



Michael D. Kokin   

Crow River Otter Blow Case, 19th century.

Sherwoods Spirit of America
Michael D. Kokin
128 West Palace Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 988-1776  business  
Specialties: Plains bead work, firearms and Native American weapons. Sherwoods Spirit of America is moving to 128 West Palace, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 in July 2014!
Services: Free appraisals.



John Krena   

Zuni Jewelry

Four Winds Gallery, Inc.
John Krena
5512 Walnut St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232 USA (412) 682-5092  business (412) 682-0220  fax
  (412) 767-4629  home
Specialties: Historic Pueblo pottery, old pawn jewelry , contemporary jewelry, Nakashima Furniture, fine Navajo weavings, contemporary pottery, sculpture and fine art.
Services: Appraisal services and collection purchases.



Ann B. Lesk   

Spectacular Nunivak Island walrus tusk, carved on both sides with walrus, seals, birds, bear and other animals. Circa 1930.

Alaska On Madison
Ann B. Lesk, President
1065 Madison Avenue,
Second Floor
New York, NY 10028 USA (212) 879-1782  business (212) 327-4877  fax
Specialties: Indigenous Northern art: Inuit, Northwest Coast, Old Bering Sea, 19th century Alaskan artifacts
Services: Selling, buying



Natalie Linn and Elaine Tucker   

Tightly-woven Tubatulabal polychrome basket.

Linn-Tucker Indian Baskets
USA (503) 292-1711  home (314) 308-5364  Elaine  
Specialties: Antique Native American baskets and Plateau bags.
Services: Buying, selling, appraising, consulting and building Indian basket collections.



Joe Loux   

Figure: Batak people, Sumatra, Indonesia,Late 19th or early 20th century, 32" (h). The length of the figure is 8 3/4"..

Joe Loux Asian and Tribal Art
Joe and Katie Loux, Owners
594 Clipper Street
San Francisco, CA 94114 USA (415) 861-2588  Business (505) 695-6626  Cell
  (415) 994-9933  Cell
Specialties: Asian and tribal art, including jewelry, textiles and sculpture.



Thomas M Lull   

A collection of fine pottery from Thomas Lull Indian Art.

Thomas Lull Indian Art
Tom Lull
10425 County Road 24
Watertown, MN 55388 USA (952) 955-1350  business 612-381-6015  cell
Specialties: Specializing in Historic and Contemporary American Indian Art with a focus on the American Southwest.
Services: Assisting seasoned as well as beginning collectors to build collections.



Brant R. Mackley   

Eskimo Mask, Nunivak Island, c. 1935-1940, 24"w x 18"h, ex. Old Seattle, Washington collection.

Brant Mackley Gallery
3 West Canal Street
Hershey, PA 17033 USA (717) 566-0780  business (717) 554-2176  cell
Specialties: Historic American Indian and world tribal material of artistic significance.
Services: Museum and private collection consultation. Acquisitions sought.



Kim R. Martindale   

Acoma polychrome Olla with seven repeating geometric panels, 13-1/2" by 13-1/2."

KR Martindale: Gallery and Show Management
Victoria Roberts, Director
1154 Grant Ave
Venice, CA 90291 USA (310) 822-9145  business  
Specialties: American Indian and Latin American art including devotional, pre-Columbian and fine art.
Services: Buy, sell and appraise.



Ari Maslow   

Westside Trading Post
Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA (415) 233-0566  business (415) 388-2245  home
Specialties: Antique and Contemporary Native American Indian Art with an emphasis on basketry, jewelry, textiles, pottery, paintings and sculpture.
Services: Collection development, sales, evaluation, museum de-accession, consultation.



Nedra Matteucci   

John Moyers, Sacred Patterns, oil on board, 40 x 20 inches; Pueblo Drum, Lakota Sioux Beaded Blanket Strip; and Santa Clara Blackware Pottery Water Jar.

Nedra Matteucci Galleries
Dustin Belyeu, Director
1075 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 982-4631  business (505) 982-0199  fax
Specialties: Specializing in 19th and 20th Century American Art, specializing in Taos Society of Artists, Santa Fe Arts Colony, and art of the American West.
Services: Acquisition and consultations on all aspects of collection development and display.



Nedra Matteucci   

Navajo Textiles, Baskets, Pueblo Pottery, Plains Beadwork, and Northwest Coast Sculpture.

Morning Star Gallery
Henry C. Monahan, Director
513 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 982-8187  business (505) 984-2368  fax
Specialties: Museum quality antique Native American art from all cultural regions-- the Plains, Southwest, Plateau, California, Great Lakes, Northeast, Southeast, NW Coast, and Alaska.
Services: Acquisition and consultation on all aspects of collection development and display.



Brian and Sue Mazany   

Sioux figural pipe bowl, circa 1860s.

American Frontier, Inc.
Brian Mazany, President
1360 N Sandburg Terrace,
Apt. 2911
Chicago, IL 60610 USA (312) 654-8412  business
Specialties: Historic beadwork, quillwork and weapons.
Services: Appraisals and display services.



Michael J. McKissick   

Navajo and Pueblo jewelry, 1900-1950.

Waterbird Traders
Michael J. McKissick
3636 Dickason,
Suite 4
Dallas, TX 75219 USA (214) 821-4606  business (214) 321-5263  fax
Specialties: Antique Native American beadwork, jewelry, weaving, pottery, baskets, Kachinas and paintings. New Mexico, Hispanic religious furniture and weavings.
Services: Appraisal services and consultations.



Yvonne Stokes and Kent McManis   

Medicine bear c.1970, Ojo rock with painted heart line, by Sepo Ponchuella, Zuni.

Grey Dog Trading
Yvonne Stokes and Kent McManis
400 San Felipe St., NW,
Old Town
Albuquerque, NM 87104 USA (505) 243-0414 (877) 606-0543  
Specialties: Historic and contemporary Native American and Hispanic art.



Mark Sublette Medicine Man Galleries   

Fine Native and Southwest Art Available from Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery, Inc.

Medicine Man Gallery, Inc.
Mark Sublette, President / CEO
6872 E. Sunrise Drive, Suite 150
Tucson, AZ 85750 USA (520) 722-7798  business (800) 422-9382  toll free
  (520) 722-2783  fax
Specialties: Antique Native arts, pottery, baskets, textiles, Kachinas, old pawn jewelry, early American paintings, Taos Founders, Maynard Dixon and Maria Martinez.
Services: Galleries in Santa Fe, NM (Summer only) and Tucson, AZ.



John Molloy   

John Molloy Gallery
Michael Cozell, Director
49 East 78th Street,
Suite 2B
New York, NY 10075 USA (212) 249-3020  business (212) 249-4013  fax
Specialties: Antique Native American Art
Services: Appraisals.



Andres Moraga   

Mapuche Chief's Poncho circa 1880-1900, Wool, ikat technique.

Andres Moraga
Berkeley, CA 94707 USA (510) 717-9149  business (510) 527-2556  home
Specialties: Textiles and tribal art of Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Specialist in Mbuti paintings; fiber art; Kuba, Congo, West African, Berber, Mapuche, and Andean textiles.
Services: Appraisals for museum donations, insurance; consultation and research.



Ramona Morris   

Sioux child’s quilled vest, 1880s.

Ramona Morris Fine Art
Ramona Morris, Owner
P.O.Box 135
Delaplane, VA 20144 USA (540) 592-3873  business (540) 592-3342  fax  
Specialties: Fine antique Native American art and tribal art. Esoterica. A source for the rare and unusual.
Services: Collection building, brokerage and appraisals.



Ramona Morris   

Bracelets of Giant Clamshell, 19th c, Tanga Island, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.

Ramona Morris Fine Art
Justin Morris, Manager
P.O.Box 135
Delaplane, VA 20144 USA 916-667-6976  home  
Specialties: Fine Oceanic art.
Services: Collection building and brokerage.



Ronald G. Munn   

No Image Available

R.G. Munn Auction LLC
P.O. Box 705
Cloudcroft, NM 88317 USA (575) 687-3676  Business
(575) 430-6816  Cell
  (575) 430-6866  Cell



Thomas Murray   

Simple Mamuli, Sumba, Gold, 19th/early 20th Century, 3.2x2.25 in/8x6 cm, 24.1 gr.

Thomas Murray Asiatica-Ethnographica
775 East Blithedale #321
Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA (415) 332-3445  business (415) 332-3454  fax
  (415) 378-0716  cell
Specialties: Indonesian tribal sculpture and textiles; early trade cloth from India; with an interest in shamanic works art from Asia and Africa.
Services: Note new web site and email with "s" in URL, new categories "Journeys" and "Articles" with travelogues, vintage photography and published essays. Gallery by appointment only.



Clinton Nagy   

NUO Transformation mask, depicting GUAN YU, 19th C, 27 cm.
Clinton Nagy
764 Los Altos Ave.
Los Altos, CA 94022 USA (650) 948-8579  home (650) 533-3112  cell
Specialties: is an online museum of American Indian art. Its goal is educational, while documenting and sharing private collections of American Indian art.



Alston and Deborah Neal   

Shop photo.

Territorial Indian Arts and Antiques
Alston and Deborah Neal
7077 E. Main Street #7
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA (480) 945-5432  business  
Specialties: Classic to contemporary arts of the Southwestern Indians, baskets, textiles, jewelry, pottery and Kachinas.
Services: Building or brokering collections of fine Native arts, appraisals.



Wilbur Norman   

Tibetan Repousse Gilt Bronze, 18th Century.

Coup de Foudre, LLC
Wilbur Norman
Traveler's Market,
De Vargas Center, 153B Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 920-0155  cell (888) 880-1467  toll free
Specialties: Buddhist art and antiquities, textiles, tribal art and rare books since 1978.
Services: Appraisals and collection consulting.



Ronald D. Normandeau   

Early Chilkat Blanket, Rare "Sea Grizzly" Design, circa 3rd Quarter 19th Century.

Anthropos Fine Art
Ronald D. Normandeau
860 Glenneyre Street Suite 2
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 USA (800) 243-2138  toll free (949) 376-5754  business
  (310) 456-7711  business
Specialties: North American Indian and Pre-Columbian art, primarily West Coast regions. Old world antiquities. By appointment only.
Services: Appraisals and consulting. Collection acquisition and de-acquisition services.



Howard M. Nowes   

Art For Eternity
Howard Nowes, Director
303 East 81st Street
New York, NY 10028 USA (212) 472-5171  business (917) 733-4165  cell
  (212) 472-5172  fax
Specialties: Art for Eternity, a boutique gallery, formally Howard Nowes Ancient Art, specializes in classical antiquities, Pre-Columbian, African, Oceanic and Asian artifacts.
Services: Sales, authentication, appraisals, consultations, restoration, and custom mounting.



Steven R. Pickelner   

Benzav Trading Co.
Steven R. Pickelner
PO Box 911
Ft. Collins, CO 80522 USA (970) 482-6397  business
Specialties: Historic Native American weavings, beadwork, baskets, pottery and jewelry.



Richard Pohrt, Jr.   

Potawatomi loom beaded man's garters, circa 1890.

Richard Pohrt, Jr.
P.O. Box 7075
Ann Arbor, MI 48107 USA (734) 214-6652  business
(734) 214-6652  home
Specialties: Historic Native American art, specializing in material from the Plains, Prairie and Great Lakes.
Services: Appraisal services.



Stephanie Porter   

Turquoise Raven, LLC
Stephanie Porter
P.O. Box 320
Conifer, CO 80433 USA (303) 903-8233  business
Specialties: Specializing in Zuni and Navajo jewelry, both pawn and contemporary.



Gene H. Quintana   

Large Yokuts bottleneck with 48 figures. c.1900.

Gene Quintana Fine Art
PO Box 533
Carmichael, CA 95609 USA (916) 485-8232  business  
Specialties: Fine and Rare Native American Indian Baskets and Artifacts.
Services: Collecting, selling and buying by appointment. Basket identification, cataloging, restoration and repair.



David J. Renner   

Navajo textile pictorial black and white Yeis, circa 1910.

David Renner Native American Textiles and Weavings
Carpinteria, CA 93013 USA (805) 570-0389  Business  
Specialties: Buying/selling Navajo textiles, weavings.
Services: ebay sales, aka coyotewaitsll.



Ponder Rodgers   

Danny Romero face inlay belt buckle.

Scottsdale Trading Post
Ponder Rodgers
7078 E. 5th Ave
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA (480) 945-1910  business  
Specialties: Antique and contemporary Native American jewelry, pottery, Hopi Kachinas and Zuni fetish carvings.



Howard S. Rose   

Jalisco ball player, circa 100 B.C. to 200 A.D. 18 inches high.

Arte Primitivo
Howard Rose
3 East 65th Street,
Suite 2
New York, NY 10065 USA (212) 570-6999  business (212) 570-1899  fax
Specialties: Fine Pre-Columbian and tribal art.
Services: Auctioneers and private sales.



Richard A. Rosenthal   

Early bracelets.

Morning Star Traders
Richard A. Rosenthal
2020 E. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85719 USA (520) 881-2112  business  
Specialties: Early Navajo and Pueblo jewelry. Late 19th century blankets and early 20th century regional rugs. Quality Southwest baskets, pottery, Kachinas, and Yaqui masks.
Services: Collections purchased.



John W. Schaefer   

José Benito Ortega, Nuestra Señora del Rosario, circa 1800. Wood, cloth, gesso, and tempera, approximately 34 inches by 20 inches by 6 inches.

Peyton Wright Gallery Inc.
John W. Schaefer
237 E. Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 989-9888  business (800) 879-8898  toll free
Specialties: 18th-19th century New Mexican Bultos, Cristos and Retablos; 17th-19th century Mexican, Central and South American Spanish Colonial art and antiquities; Native American and Pre-Columbian.
Services: Consultation.



Terry Schurmeier   

Cowboys and Indians
Michael Eros, Manager
4000 Central Ave Se
Albuquerque, NM 87108 USA (505) 255-4054  business  
Specialties: Twenty dealers in antique Native American, New Mexican and Western Art. Sponsors of the Great Southwestern Antique Show in Albuquerque.
Services: We purchase single items or large collections.



Christopher Selser   

Yuma ceramic figure, 1880's, 10 inches.

Christopher Selser Tribal Art
223 N. Guadalupe #563
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA (505) 984-1481  business
Specialties: American Indian, Oceanic and SE Asian tribal art.



Darlene and Robert Seng   

Small Yokut Polychrome Bottleneck Basket by Minnie Hancock (ex Frank Jefferds Collection).

Transitional Arts Trading Co.
Darlene Seng
605 McDonald Ct
Prescott, AZ 86303 USA (928) 925-6291  business
(928) 445-1205  business
Specialties: Fine antique Indian baskets, pre-1950s Navajo and Pueblo jewelry and Pueblo pottery.
Services: Purchasing/brokering individual items or collections, appraisals, free consultation/evaluation. By appointment only.



J. Steve and Anita Shearer   

N.W. Coast Frog Bowl. C. 1875 - 1885. 12" Long x 4" high x 6" wide.

Shearer Splendor
J. Steve Shearer
4733 Torrance Blvd. #493
Torrance, CA 90503 USA (310) 316-5298  home
shieldbear (310) 619-1829  business
  (310) 316-5298  business
Specialties: Native North American antique art and artifacts.



Terry R. Sr. and Harriet Sopher   

Navajo woman's wearing blanket 3rd phase variant c.1880, 46"x54" . Handspun wool: indigo blue; synthetic red; natural white, gray-brown, dark brown-black.

American Indian Antique Art
Terry R. Sopher, Sr., Owner
Annandale, VA 22003 USA (703) 256-2836  Business
(703) 801-2565  Cell
Specialties: Historic Navajo & Pueblo weaving, Pueblo pottery, Plains beadwork, basketry, Pueblo & Navajo jewelry, Navajo & Pueblo artwork. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Services: Providing the Nation's Capital with guaranteed antique Native American art. WE BUY COLLECTIONS. Consignment sales, research, consultations, collection documentation.



Jerry Steinberger   

Germantown runner circa 1880-90, Apache Burden basket circa 1890, Two circa 1890-1900 Mono baskets, Sioux beaded purse.

Whitebear Rug Co.
Jerry Steinberger
Highland Park, IL 60035 USA (800) 701-9820  toll free (847) 843-6389   cell
Specialties: Antique Navajo textiles, folk art with a western theme, baskets and pottery.
Services: Buying and selling antique American Indian individual items or collections. By appointment only.



Carl and Leah Stewart   

26 beaded liberty quarter squash necklace ca. 1920's, two 1930's silver bracelets with natural turquoise stones, Hopi saddle blanket.

Leah Stewart, Manager
291 W. Renner Pkwy., Ste. C
Richardson, TX 75080 USA (469) 995 6471  Business (214) 536 9837  Cell
  (972) 238 9778  Fax
Specialties: Navajo Regional Rug ca 1920, Antique Native American Baskets, Antique Turquoise Jewelry, Modern Pueblo Pottery.
Services: Purchasing and Selling Antique Native American Artifacts



David Stock   

Laguna Water Jar c. 1880; Navajo Child's Blanket c. 1865-70 (small area shown).

David Stock Native Art
7056 E. Main St., Suite A
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA (602) 571-1902  phone  
Specialties: Navajo blankets, rugs, Pueblo pottery, and other fine objects native to the Southwest and Plains.



Martha Hopkins Struever   

Collected directly from Nampeyo in 1903 - photo by Carrie Haley .

Martha Hopkins Struever
PO Box 2203
Santa Fe, NM 87504 USA (505) 983-9515  business (505) 983-9517  fax
Specialties: Consultations, authentication, appraisal and procurement of fine Southwest American Indian pottery, Katsinas and jewelry, especially Nampeyo and Charles Loloma. By appointment only.
Services: 34 years of professional experience.



Bryan and Leon Taylor   

Native American basketry of central California.

American Indian Shop
Bryan and Leon Taylor
4787 N Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA 93726 USA 559-224-8312  business
559-285-2636  cell
  559-224-8310  fax
Specialties: Native American basketry. We also stock a full range of Native American items, contemporary to antique.



Jeb Taylor   

Historic edged weaponry from the High Plains ca. 1830 - 1870.

Jeb Taylor Artifacts
Jeb Taylor
PO Box 882
Buffalo, WY 82834 USA (307) 737-2347  business (307) 620-1339  cell
Specialties: Prehistoric and historic weaponry from the High Plains.
Services: Internet sales, Show sales (Rocky Mountain region), appraisals.



Iwona Tenzing   

A Gilt Copper Figure of Buddha in Bhumisparsa Mudra, South Tibet, 13th-14th Century, 9” high.

Tenzing Asian Art
Iwona Tenzing, Owner
631 Folsom Street 12A
San Francisco, CA 94107 USA (415) 269-4716  cell
Specialties: Tenzing Asian Art specializes in Hindu and Buddhist art. Iwona Tenzing, founder of Tenzing Asian Art Art, handles works of art from renowned and distinguished collections.
Services: Sales, Acquisitions, Consultations, and Appraisals with Focus on the Arts of India and the Himalayas.



Arch Thiessen   

Zuni Parrot Inlay Pendant by Lambert Homer, Sr. ca. 1950 from the Challis L. Thiessen collection. Cover photo from the American Museum of National History Exhibit "Totems to Turquoise", 2005-2007.

Sunshine Studio
Arch Thiessen
3180 Vista Sandia
Santa Fe, NM 87506 USA (505) 984-3216  business (800) 348-9273  toll free (505) 986-0765  fax
Specialties: Zuni fetishes, Navajo and Pueblo paintings and contemporary Southwest American Indian jewelry.
Services: Internet sales, gallery visits by appointment only, ATADA Webmaster.



Spencer Throckmorton   

Colima, Standing Figure, Cargador, 150 BCE-250 CE, Terracotta, H: 16 in.

Throckmorton Fine Art, Inc.
Kraige Block, Director
145 East 57th St., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10022 USA (212) 223-1059  business (212) 223-1937  fax
  (212) 249-7442  home
Specialties: Ancient jades from China. Pre-Columbian artifacts and Latin American photography. Show: Shang and Western Zhou Jades, March 11th - April 24th, 2010, Catalog available.
Services: Member of the National Organization of Primitive, Oriental and Antique Art.



Tom Towner   

Assiniboin Possible Bag. Circa 1885 ex-Pohrt Collection

Tom Towner American Indian Art
1011 Pierce Street, Unit 9
Lakewood, CO 80214 USA (303) 233-2422  business
(303) 882-5518  cell
Specialties: North American Indian art specializing in pre-1900 Plains Indian beadwork and related material.
Services: Sales, consultation and restoration. Thirty years' experience in beadwork restoration.



Ross Traut   

Navajo Blanket, c.1885, 56"x70".

Ross Traut
144 W. 27th St. #11 NE
New York City, NY 10001 USA (212) 691-6212  home (917) 664-5152  cell
Specialties: Antique Navajo and Southwestern Textiles and Silver



Ted Trotta and Anna Bono   

Carved and painted board, Pawnee, 19th century.

P.O. Box 34
Shrub Oak, NY 10588 USA (914) 528-6604  business
Specialties: Native American and colonial art of the frontier period. We are interested in shields, drums, weavings, clothing and painted and sculptural objects made for Native use.
Services: Collection formation, development and brokerage and appraisal services.



Elaine Tucker and Natalie Linn   

Tightly-woven Tubatulabal polychrome basket.

Linn-Tucker Indian Baskets
St Louis, MO 63105 USA (314) 308-5364  Elaine (503) 292-1711  Natalie (503) 329-9079  Natalie
Specialties: Antique Native American baskets and Plateau bags.
Services: Buying, selling, appraising, consulting and building Indian basket collections.



Vicki Turbeville   

Southwestern Jewelry
Vicki Turbeville
304 Vista Del Mar
Redondo Beach , CA 90277 USA (347) 256-0127  business  
Specialties: Antique and contemporary Native American jewelry.



Ronald E. Van Anda   

Southern Cheyenne Beaded Pipe Bag, 1850 - early 1860's.

Van Anda's Antiques
PO Box 272
Lititz, PA 17543 USA (717) 626-4978  business
(717) 413-9124  cell
Specialties: American Indian art, California gold rush, American frontier objects, American folk art.



Robert Vandenberg   

Central Plains tobacco bag, circa 1870s.

Vandenberg Antique Brokers
Robert Vandenberg
PO Box 10112
Santa Fe, NM 87504 USA
(505) 986-0302  business
(505) 983-2173  home
Specialties: Plains and Southwest material.



Bruce L. VanLandingham   

Plateau Cylinder Pair ca. 1880 and Lakota Pictorial Buffalo Hide pre-1870.

Sundog Fine Art
17 East Main Street
Bozeman, MT 59715 USA (406) 431-7812  business
Specialties: Fine North American Indian antiquities, with an emphasis on historic Plains material. Also, offering Pueblo pottery, Navajo weavings and American paintings.
Services: Consulting and appraisal services available.



Marsha Vargas Handley   

Papua New Guinea Shield, Amoeba Design, Minj area, Western Highlands Height: 58-3/4" (150 cm) .

Xanadu Gallery
Marsha Vargas Handley, ASA, Managing Director
140 Maiden Lane
San Francisco, CA 94108 USA (415) 392-9999  business (415) 984-5856  fax
  (415) 307-7292  cell
Specialties: Art and antiques from Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin American. Exceptional collections of Himalayan, Asian, Pre-Columbian objects and excavated jewelry.
Services: Sr. Member, American Society of Appraisers



Gene A Waddell   

Loloma bracelet & Kenneth Begay plate.

Waddell Trading Company
Gene Waddell, President
7144 E. Main Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251 USA 480-755-8080  business 480-990-1004  business
Specialties: Contemporary and Antique Indian Jewelry
Services: Buy....Sale....Trade



William and Susanne Waites   

Bushtucker Dreaming, acrylic on canvas, late 20th century, by Gabriella Possum, daughter of renowned Australian Aboriginal master painter (dec), Clifford Possum.

Aboriginals: Art of the First Person
William Waites, Owner
15194 Harbour Isle Drive
Fort Myers, FL 33908 USA (239) 482-7025  business (800) 305-0185  toll free
Specialties: African tribal art, Australian Aboriginal art, Native American and Inuit art



John C. (Casey) Waller   

A sample of merchandise brought to you by Caravanserai, Ltd.

Caravanserai, Ltd.
Casey Waller
World Trade Center,
2050 N Stemmons Frwy, #247
Dallas, TX 75207 USA (214) 741-2131  Business
(214) 906-5610  Cell
Specialties: Central Asian Carpets, Kilims and Textiles



Barry Walsh and Valerie Wedge   

Matched Hemis Pair by Jimmie K., Hopi Mana c. 1900, Tawaquaptewa Hummingbird.

Buffalo Barry's Indian Art
Barry Walsh and Valerie Wedge
76 Laurelwood Rd
Holden, MA 01520 USA (508) 829-6297  business (508) 755-2191  fax
Specialties: Expertise in antique Hopi Katsinam. We also feature Hopi, Southwestern and Northeastern baskets, Plateau bags and antique Navajo jewelry.  
Services: Katsina identification, authentication and appraisals; collection development.



David and Carol Watters   

Hoel's Indian Shop
Carol Watters
9589 N. State Route 89A
Sedona, AZ 86336 USA (928) 282-3925  business (928) 282-1035  fax
Specialties: The finest in antique and contemporary southwest American Indian jewelry, weavings, baskets, pottery and Katsinas.
Services: Consultations, collection building, purchase of individual pieces or entire collections.



Leonard A. Weakley, Jr.   

19th century Eskimo seal scratcher.

Leonard A. Weakley, Jr.
6613 Wyndwatch Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45230 USA (513) 381-9265  business
(513) 381-9276  fax
  (513) 702-0725  cell
Specialties: Artifacts from 19th and early 20th century, Eskimo, Inuit, Northwest Coast and surrounding areas.
Services: Buying, selling and appraisals. Co-chair of the ATADA Legal Committee.



Shanan Campbell Wells   

18K Gold Indian Corn Bracelet by Ben Nighthorse - available only at Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango, CO and Santa Fe, NM

Sorrel Sky Gallery
828 Main Ave
Durango, CO 81301 USA 970-247-3555  business 866-878-3555  toll free 970-259-9222  fax
Specialties: Artisan jewelry, including renowned Ben Nighthorse, contemporary western fine art, plein air, bronze sculpture and pottery.
Services: Corporate art consulting and extensive research on specialized art and jewelry requests.



Shanan Campbell Wells   

18K Gold Indian Corn Bracelet by Ben Nighthorse - available only at Sorrel Sky Gallery in Durango, CO and Santa Fe, NM.

Sorrel Sky Gallery
125 W. Palace Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA 866-878-3555  business  
Specialties: Artisan jewelry, including renowned Ben Nighthorse, contemporary western fine art, plein air, bronze sculpture and pottery.
Services: Corporate art consulting and extensive research on specialized art and jewelry requests.



David West   

Kiowa Dress, Circa 1870s.

Gallery West
6420 N Campbell Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85718 USA 520-529-7002  business  
Specialties: Pre-1940s Navajo weavings, Apache and Pima basketry, and 19th century Plains Indian material.
Services: Appraisals. Collections bought and sold.



Terry Winchell   

Fighting Bear Antiques
Terry Winchell and Claudia Bonnist, Owners
P.O. Box 3790
Jackson, WY 83001 USA (307) 733-2669  business (307) 734-1330  fax
  (307) 690-2669  cell
Specialties: Northern Plains beadwork, pre-1950 Navaho textiles, Southwest pottery, jewelry, Southwestern and California baskets, Molesworth and Stickley furniture, Handel and Tiffany lamps.
Services: Counsel and assist with private and corporate collectors of Tribal arts and antiques.



Mark Winter   

The Historic Toadlena Trading Post located in northwestern New Mexico on the Navajo Reservation between Gallup and Shiprock. Come visit!

Historic Toadlena Trading Post, Since 1909
Linda Larouche, Manager
Hwy 491 and N-19,
Box 8014
Newcomb, NM 87455 USA (505) 789 3267  business (505) 789 3286  business
  (970) 948-4606  cell
Specialties: Specializing in the finest antique and contemporary Navajo and Two Grey Hills rugs and tapestries, classic Navajo, Pueblo, and Rio Grande blankets, and Saltillo serapes.
Services: Buy, sell, appraise, research and documentatio. Navajo rug cleaning and restoration.



Jeff Wood   

The Back Room of Len Wood's Indian Territory, Inc. Specializing in antique American Indian art and Western fine art. Established in 1969 and located next to the Laguna Beach Art Museum.

Len Wood's Indian Territory, Inc.
Jeff Wood, President
305 North Coast Hwy. #D
Laguna Beach, CA 92651 USA  
Specialties: Specializing in Antique American Indian art and Western fine art. Established in 1969 and located next to the Laguna Beach Art Museum.
Services: Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 10-5 (Closed Sundays, Mondays, holidays.)



Matt Wood   

Maria and Santana, 1943-1956 - Avaynu Motif

Antique American Indian Art, Inc.
Matt and Len Wood, Proprietors
11824 North Creek Parkway N, Suite 101-A
Bothell, WA 98011 USA 949-813-7202  business  
Specialties: 19th and 20th Century American Indian art and artifacts. Pueblo Pottery including an extensive selection of work by Maria Martinez, fine Navajo Blankets and Rugs, Important Basketry, Old Pawn Navajo jewelry, Hopi Kachinas, Zuni Fetishes, Plains Beadwork.
Services: Always Buying, Selling, Consigning, Appraising, & Restoring American Indian Art.



Joseph P. Zeller   

River Trading Post
Joe Zeller, President
314 N. River Street
East Dundee, IL 60118 USA (847) 426-6901  business  
Specialties: Historic and contemporary Native American art.
Services: Galleries in Chicagoland, Santa Fe and Scottsdale.